I cut my hair and nothing else happened


Just the tip-s please

I cut my hair and nothing else happened, can you believe it? Coco Channel said once “a woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life”. Well, Coco, you were a wise and amazing woman, but nothing happened. A lot of people believe in this quote, and I use to believe in it too because every time I’ve had a makeover something else has changed as well. But this time I just have new bangs and a shorter mane, that’s all.

So I’m trying to do different things just to keep alive the truth of Coco’s quote, that’s why I started writing this blog. I know, I know, It’s hilarious, but that’s just the way I am. The thing is, and is sad I know, I didn’t remember how hilarious and crazy I can be. I didn’t remember who I was but I know that now. I am myself again, I can feel it, and here I am to write about all the shit I have in my brain at the moment (which is a lot). I’m living a new life, a life I’ve thought I was not going to live. Everything is new for me and here’s the main stuff:

  1. I’m completely single for the first time in 9 years
  2. I’m living in a new country and I came by myself
  3. I’m blonde for the first time in my life

I know what are you thinking, “poor girl, alone in another country and blonde”, but I’m doing very well. I had the luck of meeting wonderful people whom now are part of my people, and thanked to them this 9 months have passed flying.

So yes, you can imagine all the mad stuff I’ve been doing, all the surrealistic moments I’ve been living and all the new characteristics of my life I’ve been dealing with. I’m not going to make a personal diary of this blog, I already have a diary for that, but I’m going to talk, as I said before, about all the shit I have in my brain mixed with life situations, social media, all kind of relationships, series, movies, free time and what to do with it in Dublin, my city nowadays.

This is it, you will hear from me in a few days and please, feel free to say or ask anything you want. I’d love to hear from you, your advices, your opinions, grammatical corrections…

Thanks lads and welcome to Shittybrain!


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