When it’s sunny in Dublin

Yesterday we had 17 degrees in Dublin. Spring is everywhere. Gardens are blossoming, Saint Stephens Green is full of people laughing and pretend-reading, lakes are sparkling with sunny glimmers and flowers are spitting their shit right in my nose. What a wonderful season, what a wonderful reason to be indoors hating everyone.

My throat is closing

My face is itchy

My nose is running

With lovely snots

Making red my skin

Changing how I feel

About this new season

About what would bring me

A new skin for sure

A few shivers and colds

Maybe two flus

And no one to blow my nose

Lucky for me, today it’s raining and those drops are taking away all the spring-like crap. Tomorrow I will go out and calm my allergies with pints and more pints of Irish stout. Long live the beer!!!


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