About my shittybrain

Hi there and welcome to my Shittybrain,

I’m Elizabeth Valle and I’m from San Antonio, a village at the interior of Valencia, Spain. I studied Visual Communication (film, tv and radio) and Community Management so I’m working in Dublin as au pair. I’m studying (on my own) video editing and illustration, I’m reading a lot, I’m watching every single series and movies, meeting people, cooking, being free. And yes, freedom is exhausting, but I have some free time to get a little bit more tired at the end of a day so “et voilá”: here is my blog.

I don’t know what I’m going to post, what I’m going to talk about or what is going to be my purpose but here I am, having fun with WordPress at 28. I must say, just in case, that I’m very sarcastic and I’m almost always writing in an ironic tone, making fun of almost everything, just saying.

See you!

P.D.: If you have some advice go ahead, don’t hesitate and say it! I´d be delighted to read you.